Coco Jumbo Cafe

Every Bangalorean’s favourite aspect of the city is the great, cool weather and what better way to enjoy it than with a hot, delicious meal on a rooftop terrace garden café?

Coco Jumbo, a rooftop terrace garden café is now open at Safina Plaza. Coco Jumbo’s main aim is to keep it simple by providing you an enriching experience of not only good food but also a fun, chill ambiance. 

It is centrally located and in close vicinity to both Cubbon Park and Commercial Street. With its new introduction of breakfast in the menu, Coco Jumbo ensures a healthy breakfast that takes into account calories, proteins etc. for all the health-conscious people. Coco Jumbo also serves as a location to take a break from a vigorous and tiring day of shopping to relax and refuel oneself with food ranging from short eats, salads to continental food.

Coco Jumbo has started serving healthy breakfast as well! As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Coco Jumbo provides a filling, healthy and nutritious meal to start your day on the right note.

But Coco Jumbo is not perfect only for a good breakfast. The terrace garden café of 4,500 sq. feet serves as a good location for all meals of the day! Lunch at Coco Jumbo can help you unwind from your rut and the chill, open rooftop space can serve as a refresher in your tiring day. In the night, Coco Jumbo is the perfect spot for a romantic date with your significant other as the terrace garden café is lit up with fairy lights and candles on each table creating a cozy, romantic ambience. You are sure to impress your date by choosing Coco Jumbo for a memorable dinner!